Review: The Protector: Mac, by Lisa B. Kamps @LBKamps

A story of suspense, love, and strong men who have scars inside and out.

Gordon “Mac” MacGregor is ex-military and is now a partner in Cover Six Security. He and some of his buddies he served with opened a security company after he’s forced to leave his position in the military after a disappointing defeat in court against a company that supplied defective military armor. He has scars on his body from war, and they are not only skin deep. He battles with himself from the scars on the inside. After meeting TR, a woman who sees beyond his skin, he finds that his life will change, and he may be able to open his heart.

TR, Tabitha, a reporter who has been having a streak of bad luck lately. She thinks that the things that are happening to her are just accidents or wrong place at the wrong time. However, Mac doesn’t believe that. He thinks that her life is in danger and he will do anything to protect her and keep her safe, even give his own life to do it. One story that TR has been working on has put her life in danger and she has no idea of how much danger she is in. Good thing that Mac was there to save her more than once.

One man who is playing a dangerous game between to gain power has decided that Mac is his last link to gain the power he craves. He’s deranged and thinks that he is better and smarter than Mac and that he can take him down single handedly.

I really liked this story. The pages turned very quickly in this book and I hated for the story to end. The men of Cover Six Security are lethal, protective, and very alpha. Mac is a man who follows his gut feelings and very rarely has it failed him. When he didn’t listen to his gut was when trouble and destruction hit. Mac and TR are a great couple and I loved reading their story.

I hated for the book to end. The writing of this book was great, it kept my interest throughout the whole story, and I wanted more at the end. I loved the chemistry of the characters, both the men of the team as well as TR’s reaction to the men of the Security company. I look forward to more of the Cover Six Security men’s stories. I give this story a 4.5-star review and highly recommend it to readers who like military men, suspense, and stories of men who are taken to their knees by the woman who will hold their heart.

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