Review of Vow of Atonement, by Emma Renshaw

I had previously read Vow of Retribution and loved the characters. I was happy when I started reading Vow of Atonement, and was reintroduced to the women of this series. They are strong and funny. They also want to make sure that everyone in their group is as happy as they are. Then add in the men of the group of friends and add two new men to the mix.

I love Harper and Roman’s story. This story is a story of second chances and atonement for past mix ups. The connection that Harper and Roman have is a connection that is rare, but they are truly meant to be together. Their past is what will bring them back together, but their love for each other will keep them together.

Harper was kept in the dark about her family as a young girl, and that will come back to haunt her as an adult. However, she is a strong young woman and she will overcome all the pain and trouble that is being thrown at her now.

Roman hasn’t stopped thinking about or keeping track of Harper in the past ten years that they have been apart. He could never forget the only woman who has his heart. He’ll have to do some convincing to get Harper back, but he’s good at that.

I loved this story and the twists in it made it so much better. The secrets in a family can be so destructive, but once they are all out in the open a future is in sight. I give this story a 4.5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading romance suspense stories with a few twists in it and women who can kick butt when they need to, but can also let the men of their lives help them and protect them when it’s required.

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