Graveyard Girl, by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn

I met the woman I love in a Graveyard at 10:30 at night…
She jammed a flaming cigar into my arm for littering her favorite place.

The Graveyard.

I wrapped my hands around her tiny throat, expecting a man. 
An actual threat.

But no.
It was a woman. A tiny woman at that. 
One who spoke English, but cursed, hissed and growled in Spanish.
Not a threat at all.
… or so I thought.

We’re not sociopaths.
But we desperately wish we were.


So in honor of my birthday today, I wanted to announce my next book…


For those following this world, this is Frances Capello’s book. You met him in Roses & Thorns and got to know him and his girl in Enzio’s book. However, this can completely be a standalone. It’s meant to be. 

This one is a rideeee. Be ready!

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