Review of “Enzio, An Undercover Romance”, by Bry Ann

Enzio an undercover FBI agent is in a tight situation and isn’t quite sure he can go through with the plan or his orders. He’s been immersed in the family long enough that he has feelings for the women in this family and doesn’t want to hurt Lacey. However, when he is put in a position where has to choose between Lacey and Iris, a woman he has just met, things begin to clear in his head.

Iris is a woman who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and draws Fances’ attention. She’s from a small town in Texas, she’s awkward and very naive. Her awkwardness and naivety pull at Enzio’s protective strings and he can’t help but want to help her and protect her from the men he works for. I love Iris’ outlook on life and how she really tries to be such a nice person even after she has been treated so wrong. Her thoughts on forgiveness and her reason for forgiving are refreshing and make her such a lovable character.

Another great book by Bry Ann. I love the women in the Roses and Thorns series and adding Iris to that group as well as Blyth just makes the women in these stories so much better. I love a woman who stands up for herself and can draw the attention of these men when they need to make sure they are listening to them. I absolutely love these stories and I am looking forward to more stories of the men and their women that were mentioned in Enzio.

I read a lot and have read many mafia stories, which I love, by the way. Bry Ann is definitely one of my top Mafia love story authors. While these men are mafia, the story revolves a lot around their home lives and the women who bring out the best in them. I find these stories to really draw me into the lives of the characters and I love how they show the story from all points of view of the characters. I give this story a 5 star review and look forward to more of the men in these stories.

Enzio cover

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