Review of Branded Captive: Wren’s Song Book 1, by Addison Cain @HiddenGemsBooks

This story started out with a bang, no pun intended. It is a dystopian, sci-fi story about a young girl who is sold as an Omega to an Alpha and she doesn’t perform to his standards so she is branded and discarded. Even her own father doesn’t try to save her. She’s young, mute, and left to fend for herself in a place that will either kill you or make you a very strong person. In order to survive, you have to keep your head down and stay away from the Alpha’s who run the underground.

Wren will find out that she is stronger than she was aware when she has to find the two young boys that she took in because they didn’t come home one day. She finds them in the Alpha’s domain and she walks right in and takes them. She walks up to the Alpha, Caspian without showing fear and faced him head on to let him know that she was taking these boys with her. He thinks she is either crazy or looking to die. They make a pact and he lets her go, but he goes with her.

This was not the story I was expecting to read, but I was not put off by it. I’m not generally a dystopian reader, but this one was well written. I give the story a 3.5 star review.

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