ARC Review of “ScaRred: Demons of Hell, Book 1”, by Elizabeth Knox @givemebooksblog and @eknoxbooks

A story about a woman who has to live with her choices. If she had made a different choice years ago, her life would be easier now. Roxanne “Roxy” Stevens was a young girl who lost her father to a terrible accident when she was 16. She was left to fend for herself and thought she found the people that would protect her and keep her safe.

Rage a man who has no heart. He is a dangerous man who takes what he wants and has no limits to what he will do to keep his property and do with it as he wants. Most of the men in his MC are afraid of him and will do anything he tells them to so that they can survive. He is the President of the Demons of Hell MC that he started at a young age with his best friend Vince, Tex. They were there for Roxy after her father’s death and took her in.

This book is dark, scary, and heartbreaking. I love Roxy and her spirit. She is a strong woman who thinks that she is weak because of her choices she made after her father’s death. She takes everything that Rage dishes out to her and she doesn’t talk about any of it, she just takes it and keeps her mouth shut. Her life has been in danger many times and no one has stood up for her or stood in front of her when Rage was on the war path. Until one night when Tex came back from a vacation to find Roxy laying on the ground outside the club.

There are triggers in this book and the scenes are very detailed and raw. It also has a cliff hanger. However, this book was very well written and I was not happy when it ended. I really liked this book and found it hard when it came to the end. Ms. Knox did a great job pulling me into the story and keeping my interest throughout the book. The pages turned very quickly and I found myself wanting retribution for Roxy. It’s not all bad for Roxy though. I give this book a 5 star review and highly recommend it to anyone who likes MC’s, or books that will bring out all the feels. Great job with this book.


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