ARC Review: “Giovanni”, by Natasha Knight @givemebooksblog and @NatashaKnight13 #TuesdayBookBlog

Intense, dark, Mafia Men, Cartel Men, and a Cartel Princess are all brought together when the brother of the Cartel Princess double crosses the mafia.

Giovanni Santa Maria is the right-hand man of the mafia king and he is determined to find Alessandro Estrella for double crossing the mafia and disappearing. Giovanni will get his man one way or another but he doesn’t figure that the Cartel Princess, Emilia Estrella will mean more than the means to an end, the capture of her twin brother. Giovanni is a mafia man and he is not a good man. He is ruthless, dark, and lethal.

Emilia Estrella has hidden away for four years and has changed her name to keep from being found by the one man who has hurt her to breaking, her twin brother Alessandro Estrella. Emilia is broken, but she is also a strong woman who fights for herself. Alessandro is an evil man who has a very dark heart and has no love for his own sister. He is a part of the Cartel and even his own men are afraid of him and don’t like him. Alessandro will find that he isn’t as strong or bad as Giovanni.

This book was well written, it is dark, intense and the suspense in the story was a page turner for me. I wanted to know Emilia’s story as well as the truth of Giovanni’s story. I wanted to know how Giovanni and Emilia’s story would end, and I was not disappointed. Emilia found the only other man in her life who would defend her and protect her and put her back together after her brother broke her apart. I give this book a 4.5 star review and I hope there will be more to read in the near future of the Benedetti’s and hopefully more of Giovanni and Emilia.

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