Review of “Betrayed Angel: Coastal Adventure Series (Volume 1)”, by Tom Haase @HiddenGemsBooks @TommHaase

Chuck McGregor is lost, confused, and looking for a new life since he retired from the Army. He is wasting his days away by drinking and laying on the beach until one fateful day when he witnesses what he will later discover is the kidnapping of a young woman who is mistreated and owned by the men who have her. He moved back home to his childhood city to find that a lot has changed since he joined the Army.

The police aren’t able to do their job due to one of their own working against them, but is it only one of their own? Can Chuck trust anyone? He will have the chance meetings of high school teammates, old bosses, and past partners, but who will he be able to trust and rely on. His relationship with his old Sergeant, when he was a police officer has not improved, and actually things are even worse than they were before he went into the Army.

The story line of this book was good and it was interesting. I kept wondering who would be on Chuck’s side and who he would be betrayed by. It kept me turning the pages to find out what would happen to Chuck and the people that he met and worked with. It had it’s ups and downs throughout the story. It was a slow read in the beginning but it picked up after the first few chapters. I give this story a 3.5 star review.

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