Review of “Unfinished Business: David Trilogy, Book 2”, by S. C. Cunningham @rararesources @SCCunningham8

Unfinished Business - EbookDavid is back and he is still in control, unfortunately. He is pulling Tara and her friends back into his web. He will continue to manipulate and terrorize anyone that has a mind to.

Tara wants to move on with her life and is trying but there always seems to be something coming between her and her life moving forward. Tara had to deal with a lot after her abduction and close death from David, but she will find that she is stronger than she thought she was when she returns to London.

I really like the suspense in this series and want to know how it will end. I am so frustrated with Tara.

I give this story a 4 star review and look forward to the final book in the trilogy. I only hope that it ends the way I am hoping it does. I love the twists that come out in this book and the suspense of what will happen, who someone could be, and the finality of this story keeps my intrigue in this series.

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