Review of “Leather Horizons”, by Laverty Sparks @Sparkswriter

Meet Misty Briscoe, 42, a Chicago entertainment journalist, who hangs out in blue-collar bars and even Chicago boardrooms, and contemplates giving up one for the other. Either way, will the decision be the right one?

In the meantime, you will be introduced to Misty’s best friend Rebyl Miles. Owner of a southwestern Michigan resort, she has plans and deadlines, refusing to slow down in the fast lane of life. This woman is bold, street-smart, and enterprising, often gambling with dangerous encounters. She defies conventionalism. But there is one clear challenge that soon becomes an enemy.

Adding intrigue to the plot, Misty’s elderly grandfather vanishes along with his deceased wife’s body leaving a community waiting for clues. The answer comes just in time. One obvious savior, reserved, industrious, with nothing to prove, gets caught up in an unselfish act leading to a surprising revelation.

But when Misty meets entrepeuneur Austin Matthews, she gains the strength and courage needed to bow out of the big city attitude and embrace the familiar mindset of leather jackets and blue-collar salvation of home.

Come along for the ride into LEATHER HORIZONS.

This description peeked my interest to read this book when I was contacted by Ms. Sparks. It looked like a good read so I agreed to read the book and do a review. I am very glad that I did. This book is about life, love, loss, and friendships. It was a story of a woman (Rebyl Miles) who is trying to find herself and in the process living life to it’s fullest and not let anyone tie her down. She lives life on her own terms and makes no apologies for it to anyone. She will encourage her best friend, Misty to do the same.

Misty will realize that her life is more than she thought it was and that she should be valued more than she is in her life in Chicago. She will find that there is someone who will cherish her and treat her the way she should be treated, as if she is the most important woman in the world. I really enjoyed this story and I look forward to reading more by Ms. Sparks in the future. Thank you for contacting and asking me. I give this book a 4 star review and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance, a story about life and all that there is to enjoy of it.

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