Review of “The Penance List: The David Trilogy”, by S. C. Cunningham @rararesources @SCCunningham

Wow! I did not expect that ending.

“This one comes with a warning – a steamy suspense-ridden psychological thriller – think Silence of the Lambs meets 50 Shades and hold on tight! S C Cunningham writes with a skilled mix of fueled tension, dark humour and pulsating sex scenes. Grab a glass of wine, close the bedroom door and read alone!” This is from the blog tour material I received. I have to agree with every word! This story had me cringing, getting excited, and getting upset while reading it.

David Howard, a young boy who is sent to boarding school and is too pretty for his own good. He has had a lot of bad things happen to him and to cope, he has turned to the dark side. His love for his sister, Helen’s best friend, Tara is thrown back at him by Tara after she receives a letter confessing his love.

Tara Warr is a bit older and does not carry the same feelings for David as he carries for her. She feels that they are both too young to know what love is and in her reply letter to David she tells him that she is not the woman for him. Unfortunately, this is just another thing to push David over the edge.

I enjoyed reading this book and I look forward to the next in the series. This was my first read of S. C. Cunningham’s books, but I look forward to reading more. I loved the characters in this story. Seb, Franco, Michael and Anton were great and fun to read. Helen is a little off…Josie, I am unsure of still.

Great job! I give this book 4.5 stars and look forward to reading more of the trilogy.

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