April Wrap Up and Apologies

I am so sorry for being MIA lately, but I have been finishing up my course work for my Biology 004 class. This was my final class of my college career and I had a lab with it, so I had to take more time away from my reading and posting for this semester. However, I finished the class, completed my labs, took the exam and now I am just waiting for the grades to be posted. With good luck and hopefully enough hard work, I have passed the class and will graduate on May 20, 2018 with my BA in English and a minor in Psychology.

April was a busy month with my class finishing up and I am the Administrative Assistant for the Mechanical Engineering Department at our local University. With the duties I have on a daily basis, I also had to organize and plan our Board of Advisor’s Meeting and our Senior Design Night Gala, and our honors award presentations, all on the same day. Senior Design Night is where our Senior Engineering students present their capstone design for their culmination of their college education. They take two semesters of Senior Design, working with a company, the medical center, or faculty at our University to come up with a solution to a problem and make it work. There are some really great projects and great ideas. Some of the companies that we work with are well known companies.

I have also gone back to eating healthy and following Weight Watchers since last May. In the past year, I have lost 60 pounds. I have a ways to go yet, but I am happy with the results and I feel much better. My blood pressure has gone down as well as my cholesterol. I went off for one day this week because I needed to celebrate being done my class, but I’m not worried. I’ll be back to following it again and losing again soon.

I am sorry for my ramblings, but I felt a couple of explanations were warranted for my being away and not posting as much lately. I am hoping to be back up and posting regularly this coming week. I am also doing a post of what I am completing and what will be up next. I have a large TBR, that I will probably never get through, but I love to read and will do it as much as I can.

I want to wish everyone a great weekend and hope that the weather is beautiful where you are so that you can enjoy it. We had tornado warnings last night in Vermont, but where I am in Northern Vermont, we only had some heavy winds and rain. I hope that if you are in the path of severe weather that you and your family are safe. Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “April Wrap Up and Apologies

  1. Crikey, it sounds like you have been super busy!! Congratulations on the weight loss, and on completing your course and I hope you get the results you have worked so hard for. Keep safe in that stormy weather of yours. I am in the UK and the sun has finally come out and it feels like Spring is here at long last.


    • Thanks, Georgia. We finally had sun today as well and it was warm and beautiful. I actually went outside for awhile today. Will probably notice it later, I am a redhead, so I avoid being in the sun too long. I am glad you had some warm weather as well. I understand the UK had some snow this year as well. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

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