Review of “Death & Dust”, by Skyla Madi

Such a great series. I loved all of these books! Skyla Madi, you’ve done a great job with this series and I am sorry to see it end. However, I am happy with the ending.


Emily is devastated after the explosion at Skull’s compound, and Jai has not returned to her to lead her out of the woods. Joel is there with Monique and he finally convinces Emily to go with him and that Jai will meet up with them as soon as he can. She holds onto that hope for as long as she can, but when six weeks has passed and Jai still hasn’t shown up, she is helpless and agrees to finally go away with Joel, Ted, Monique, Hannah, and Huss, to start a new life in Europe.

Jai Stone, a man who would do anything to save Emily, even die for her to keep her safe,. He may have done that this time to end Skull and keep Emily and Monique safe from his twisted and macabre hold. Emily has to believe he is dead so that she can move on, but it doesn’t help. It is taking everything Jai has to stay away from Emily to keep her safe, but he can’t stand it any longer.

Joel and Monique have a good life now, a son, and a winery that it thriving. Emily the VP of the winery and lives on the property in her own place, but she is really only going through the motions of life and is not really living. Ted, Hannah, and Huss have moved on, but they still come around for special occasions and to spend time with Emily, Joel, Monique, and Jake.

This was a great series and I loved all of the characters in the story. I did have a love/hate relationship with Huss for a while, but he may have redeemed himself a little by the end of the book. I give this story and series a 5 star review, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading a story about men who are strong, caring, protective, and will fight with everything they have for family to keep them safe, even if it means that they have to give up that family for a time.


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