ARC Review of “Deeper”, by M. Malone and Nana Malone

Rafeal DeMarco, retired FBI Agent and secret spy on the ORUS team, now works with his brother in-law Noah as a special Security team. The group takes on all kinds of cases, all the team members are ex-agents of some sort, and they are from all over the globe. This team will fight together and they will fight for each other, even if there are some bad feelings still from a previous situation where Rafe tried to kill a few of the guys.

Diana Vandergraff, a young woman who comes from a very nasty family, but has no idea how bad they were or are, until she gets ahold of Rafe’s files and sees the information he has on her father and brothers. Now she has to try to figure out a way to stay alive and away from her brothers so that she can have the life she wants with Rafe. The team sets up a trap to get her brothers and she wants to be the bait. Rafe isn’t happy with it, but she is determined to end the hiding. She is also hoping to get the one thing she has of her mother back into her hands. The Jewel of the Sea, a large stone that had been handed down from mother to daughter on the daughters wedding day. It’s work millions of dollars, but Diana only wants it back because it is the last thing she has from her mother.

Great ending to a wonderful story. The characters in this story are so raw and powerful. Rafe and Diana were made for each other and their chemistry makes the story that more great to read. I love that Diana doesn’t take any crap and yet, she knows that Rafe will protect her at all cost to keep her safe and alive. She may look like a damsel in distress, but looks can be deceiving.

If you like a story about a strong heroine, who will put her life on the line for her hero and a hero who finds his match in life, then you really need to read the Deep Duet. I give both of these books a 5 star review, and I look forward to reading more about the lives of the team members.



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