Review of “Killer Lies”, by Chris Collett

Another great book by Chris Collett. Another great story about DCI Tom Mariner. This story was a bit more personal for DCI Mariner, and it showed his vulnerable side. However, it also showed his ability as a great detective too.

DCI Mariner and his girlfriend Ann are getting more serious in their relationship. It’s almost Christmas and they are headed to a Christmas pageant with members of the Police department where Mariner works. Anna wants to do a little more shopping before heading over, so she and Tom send Knox and his new girlfriend, Selina ahead and will meet them there. Just before they get to the church there is an explosion in the church and they are blasted backwards. They are the lucky ones, they are able to get up and move around. Tom goes into the see what he can do to help those who were not as lucky. It’s a devastating site when he gets in the church and it is not something he can get over quickly or easily.

Aside from this case where Mariner is trying to find out what happened and why, he is contacted by an old friend from another precinct who is working a murder case in the London area. A high-profile couple, Geoff and Diana Ryland, are killed in their limousine and their driver, James O’Connor, is found dead outside the car. The man inside the car worked for the Judicial Review Commission, the JRC. Mariner’s friend, Dave Flynn contacted him to give him some photos that were found in Mr. Ryland’s home when it was searched for clues as to who might have killed them. Most of the photos are of Tom Mariner as a young boy. Tom Mariner was raised by his mother and never knew his father, he had been wanting to know who his father was for years. Now he knows. The trouble is that it can get him killed, and almost does.

This story had a lot of twists and surprises. I love DCI Mariner and his tenacity when trying to solve a case. He doesn’t give up easily. This book left me with a few more questions than answers though, and I hope that the next book answers those questions.

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