ARC Review of “Guts & Glass”, by Skyla Madi @Skyla_Madi @givemebooksblog #TuesdayBookBlog

Jai Stone, a man who is looking for retribution for his families pain and destruction. He’s a police officer, but is suspended after getting into trouble at work. He hit superior after the case of the man who destroyed his family is taken from the police department. He feels like the man, Skull, will not get what is coming to him. He has another idea of how to get to him and destroy him, but will it destroy Jai in the process.

Skull, Damien Wolf, a man who was destroyed and now rains destruction down on anyone he wants. He is rich, powerful, cruel, and deadly. Drugs, underground fighting, sex trade, it doesn’t matter, he will make money off of it. A criminal who runs New York City without any trouble from anyone.

Emily Shepherd, a young woman who is fighting to make ends meet and taking nursing classes to have a better life. She’s close to being done and getting her nursing license. She has to take another exam and is studying on her tablet on the subway home from working a late shift at the hospital. She bumps into Jai when he is exiting the train and drops her tablet. Against her better judgement, she follows him to make him pay her to get it repaired. One bad decision leads to another on her part and she is now fighting for her life.

In Guts & Glass, the sixth book in the series, they are in Skull’s compound and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Jai, Emily, Joel or Monique, they are at the mercy of Skull and they can’t find a way to get free and stay alive in the process. The pain and destruction that Skull rains down is dark and cruel, he has no respect for anyone. It’s obvious that Jai and Emily will do whatever they can to save the other, but will they get the chance to be together again? They are just surviving and still trying to find a way to escape and get away from Skull, but they have to destroy him in order to flee him.

OH MY! I did a marathon read of the New York Crime King Series, over the weekend to catch up on the books before Guts & Glass. I became immersed in Jai and Emily’s world as I read:  #1 Blood & Rust, #2 Sin & Secrets, #3 Smoke & Metal, #4 Rage & Bullets, and #5 Ink & Bone. I’d read the first book in this series under the original title, Broken, Round One, and had not gotten to the others yet. Wow! After reading all of them and then reading Guts & Glass, I am now in a hurry for the next book! I wish the last book were coming out sooner than March 20. I’ve fallen in love with Jai, Emily and Joel. I want to have the rest of the story now!!

If you like strong women who do not back down when they are being threatened, even if they are scared, they you need to pick up this series and read them. I have to say that the New York Crime King Series will be at the top of my reading list for this year. Even with it being the beginning of a new year, this one will stay with me for a while. I give Guts & Glass a 5 star review. This book was probably the hardest to read, but easily a top read for me.

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