ARC Review of “Scoundrels and Scotch”, by Alta Hensley @AltaHensley @GiveMeBooksBlog

I am loving this series. The men are hot, Alpha, and very dark. They are devoted to the women they meet and fall in love with, and they would do anything to keep them safe and show them that they are cherished every day.

Victor Drayton, artist, businessman, part owner in Spiked Roses, and creator of Drayton Dolls, is a man who likes everything and everyone in his Dollhouse to be structured, punctual, and neat. He is a creative man who can get lost in his art when he is working on a show. His shows are much different than you would expect in an art show. His art shows are created around and with his Drayton Dolls. They are the art show.

Ivy Adams, a young woman who is working to send money home to her family to help with her fathers medical bills and running the house hold her sister and father live in. She makes one mistake and gets fired from the best job she has ever held and could ever hope to hold for the money to send home, a Spiked Roses waitress. When one door closes, another door opens. She is offered a position in Drayton’s Dolls, but the rumors she has heard about them scare her a bit. If she doesn’t take this opportunity though, she will be letting her family down. She agrees to Victors job proposition, and a new life begins for her. She didn’t anticipate falling in love with the man though.

The stories in the Top Shelf Series are very well written, they touch upon some dark and hard situations to read, but they cover these situations well. I look forward to reading about the other men in this series. The owners of Spiked Roses may be dangerous, rich, and a bit on the scary side, but they are also hot and I love reading their stories. If you like a story with some danger, Alpha men, and a HEA, then you should read this series. Although be warned by the cover note: “If you don’t like a splash of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail.”

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