ARC Review of “In His Collar”, by Patricia D. Eddy @HGRomanceDeals @patriciadeddy

Such a great story. This is a different Billionaire Love story. In most of them, the Billionaire seems to be broken from something that happened in his childhood, but in this story, the thing that broke Nick was losing Lia.

Nick is just existing in his life until his friend makes him go out with him one night to a club. Nick really has no interest in being there, but he couldn’t stand the thought of staying home alone on this night either. He’s never been to Bound before, and he is not impressed with the place, but the bar tender is a different story all together. Maybe he is alive after all.

Sofia is working to pay for her college and to keep her little sister from having to work to get through college. Now she is almost done her undergrad degree and her sister is done with hers and ready to go out on her own to get her Masters degree and make a life for herself, in Germany. Sofia is sad that her sister is leaving her, but she is happy for her little sister. Gina wants to live a little before she moves to Germany to begin studying and working her butt off. The problem is the guy she wants to do this with. He’s not who she thinks he is and she ends up in more trouble than she is prepared for.

Nick’s past comes back to hurt him and Sofia gets drug into the danger because she is attracted to Nick and there is something there that they both want to pursue. However, they have to survive before they can see what is ahead for them, and they have to prove that they are the good guys.

If you like the Billionaire love stories, but with a bit of a twist, then this is a great book to pick up and read. I highly recommend it.

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