ARC Review of “Rocco”, by Sarah Castille @ Sarah_Castille @GiveMeBooksBlog #TuesdayBookBlog

Rocco, a man who works for the mob as an enforcer. He’s not a man who can have a relationship, feel, or have a normal life. That became apparent when he turned ten years old. His adoptive father showed him the world he was a part of and he broke Rocco.

Grace, a young girl who watched her mother die in her arms at eight years old. Lived in a world that she was sheltered from. Her father is part of the Mob, but she has no idea until she is a teenager and sees for herself the world that she has been raised it. She can’t handle it and decides she needs to get away from her family.

Wow! What a read. I loved this story and I love Rocco! I would love to have Rocco in my life. This is a story of second chance, it has angst, crime, drama, love, and lust. It keeps the pages turning and keeps the reader very interested. The characters are well formed and they are very enjoyable to read about. I love that Grace has grown into a woman who knows who she is and has taken charge of her life and is ready to take on whatever is thrown at her. She is a bad ass and I love that.

This was my first read of this series, but now that I have met Luca and Nico in this one, I think I need to go back to read their stories too. I really like this story and I look forward to reading more in the near future. Sarah Castille has done a great job with this series.


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