ARC Review of “Saving Red”, by Carter Blake @TheCarterBlake

Saving Red is “A Naughty Bests & Filthy Princess Romance”, as stated on the cover of the book. A different Billionaire Love Story. The Billionaire is a young girl who falls in love with the handyman who works for her grandmother. She fell in love with Ash when she was a teenager, but she is twenty-three when she comes back home and gets her man.

Ella gets word that her grandmother has passed while she is in Europe studying for her college courses. She comes back to her grandmothers estate and finds that Ash still works there. He still acts like she is a child too. When her grandmother’s lawyer shows up to go over things with her she finds him to be very attractive, and she also finds this a chance to see where Ash really stands when it comes to her.

Ash works for Ella’s grandmother because he needs the money for his family. The lawyer that Ella meets is part of Ash’s past too, and he knows how Jared, the lawyer, is only out to get what he wants. Ash has to save Red, Ella, from danger now, just like he did when she was a teenager.

This was a short sexy read, and I really enjoyed it. If you are looking for a hot, short read, this is a great choice. I give this story a 4.5 star review.

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