ARC Review of “Ruin Me: Vegas Nights”, by Bella Love-Wins and Shiloh Walker @HGRomanceDeals @BellaLoveWins @shilohwalker

Great read! I loved this book and hated to put it down to work, sleep, eat, do life, or for it to end. It was such a great read and the story of Mac and Angel was a beautiful story.

Mac, a scarred man, who comes from a wealthy family, and keeps everyone at a distance because if anyone gets too close they will just leave him. He had a terrible childhood, and he doesn’t know how to let anyone love him now, nor does he know how to love anymore. He finds his way back to life when he meets Angel and spends one very hot night with her, which ends with a life time of love from a woman who doesn’t take any shit from him.

Angel, a young woman who comes from a wealthy family, lives near Niagara Fall, Ontario. Visiting Las Vegas before moving to Mexico to work for two years, she meets Mac in the bar of the hotel she is staying in, which also happens to be the hotel that Mac and his two partners owns. He saves her from a persistent man who can’t take the hint that she is not interested in him.

This is the first Vegas Nights book that I’ve read, but I will go back and read the first one to get all of LeVan’s story.

This was a story with some dark parts, but it still made me feel good to read it.

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