Review of “The Last Flight”, by Jen Talty @HGRomanceDeals @JenTalty

A test pilot needs help to find out who is making his test flights more dangerous than they should be. Help comes in the shape of a beautiful woman who works with his brothers and was a test pilot herself.

Ramey Sarich likes to push the limits, but when his job is made more dangerous by someone sabotaging the planes he is test driving, he asks to have an independent review of the planes and the flights done. His brothers work for an independent company that can send someone to do the review and hopefully get the answers he is in need of to save his life.

Tequila Ryder, a woman who knows her way around flying and testing planes for the military. She’s the one who was sent to do the review of Ramey’s flights that ended with less than ideal landings. A sassy mouth and an attitude will keep Ramey on his toes. Will she find more than she is planning on?

Ramey and Tequila have an instant heat when they first lay eyes on each other. Can they work together to find out what is going on without letting the heat get in the way? I love Ramey’s reaction to Tequila’s name.

I loved this book, the heat between these two, and the way that they both connected right off. It’s always great when you find the person who gets you and understands your fears, and your way of life. It’s even better when they fit in without trying too hard. These two have that and more. This is my first time reading a Jen Talty book, but it will not be my last. Her writing is great, and the story keeps you interested through the entire book. The hero and heroine in this story are both hot and sarcastic. I loved them both. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Talty’s books.



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