ARC Review of “Another Round of Whiskey”, by S. Moose @InkSlingerPR @S_Moose060912 @author_Kelly

I loved this story. Landon and Ashley have been in love for most of their lives, but Ashley wants to follow her dreams and Landon wants to let her do that. Her dream puts her in the spot light and many miles away from Landon. It’s only supposed to be for one year, however, when he sees something in print that he believes, it ruins everything. She stays away for seven years and finally returns home to follow her real dream, to become Landon’s wife.

Landon’s hurt so bad from her betrayal, can he ever forgive her and give her the second chance she is asking for? Landon’s heart has never stopped loving Ashley, but he doesn’t know if he can forget the past seven years.

Ashley won’t give up on Landon, she knows the truth of what he saw in print, if he had only gone to see her and ask her, she could have saved them both the pain they have been enduring for the past seven years. Ashley has never wandered from her love and commitment to Landon, now she just has to get him to see that and believe her.

The characters in this story, one of the Kelly Elliott’s Wanted Kindle World stories is very well written and shows that love can withstand a lot, but it takes real commitment and forgiveness for two people to find their way back to each other after so many years apart. I think I need to read the other stories in the Wanted Kindle World to see which of the others in Another Round of Whiskey are in them. I enjoyed all of the characters in this book.


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