ARC Review of “Everest”, by S. L. Scott @GiveMeBooksBlog @slscottauthor

A beautiful read about a billionaire who is fighting to regain his life,  and a young woman who is struggling to make her dreams come true.

Ethan Everest is a self made billionaire who is betrayed by two people that he never suspects. He should have followed his gut feelings when he first met Singer. It would have saved him so much trouble and torment.

Singer Davis is a young woman who moves to New York City to follow her dream of working for a publishing company. She’s in a job that she hates because her dream has not come true yet.

Ethan and Singer meet at a party one night and there is an instant attraction, but then Ethan walks away from her, only to be betrayed. It takes them almost a year to finally get together and figure out that they were meant to be together.

There is love found, suspense, tragedy, and a sense of belonging in this book. I loved that Ethan could make Singer feel like a queen and treated her with the utmost respect. He never belittled her for where she lived or tried to play on her insecurities. He is a true gentleman with a huge heart, but has to hide it until Singer shows him it’s okay to feel. Ms. Scott is such a talented writer and I always enjoy reading her books. I give this book a 5 star rating.

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