ARC Review of “The Plan: An Off-Limits Romance”, by Ella James @GiveMeBooksBlog @author_ellaj

A second chance romance book that will make you feel good as well. Marley and Gabe married at a young age and it didn’t last. Now they are both back home in Fate, Alabama and living in the same house. It’s ten years later. Neither knew the other was living there. This could be awkward.

Marley returns home after finding out that her mother is terminally ill. She wants a baby but she’s not in a relationship. She decides to set that aside for a while and concentrate on her mother and her life back in Alabama.

Gabe returns home to heal from a broken relationship and getting sober. He is not happy to see Marley moving into the same house he lives in, even if it is in a different section of the house and they won’t be living in the same quarters really.

These characters are both trying to deal with a broken relationship and hurt from those relation ships. Is there still something between them, or did it die years ago? They are both very well developed characters and Marley’s friends add to her character because you see a different side of her when she is with them.

I really enjoyed this story and as usual, Ella James did a great job writing this story. I give this book a 4.5 star rating. I love reading Ella James books, and I look forward to reading more.

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