Review of “Shaded Love”, by Christiane Serruya

A short read as a prequel to “Love Painted in Red”. A story about a young girl who falls in love with a young man that her father doesn’t  approve of. She gets pregnant and wants to tell her father, but she is afraid because her father is a man that has to have control of his life and his family.

Eva May is only 19 years old, but she’s pregnant and wants to marry her babies father, whom she loves. She believes he is the only man for her and doesn’t want to upset her father, but she doesn’t think that she can walk away from her love and give up her child. After losing her mother recently, she feels that her life is moving on for the better. Eva May decides that she can’t walk away from her new life, so she walks away from her father and her family instead. Did she make the right choice? Will her choice cost her everything?

I liked the way this story was written. I know it was a prequel, but it not only set up the next story “Love Painted in Red”, it also had you wanting to read the next story to see what was going to happen.



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