Review of “Mr. Control”, by Maya Hughs @GiveMeBooksBlog @mhugheswrites

Rhys is a single father who is very rich, and philanthropic. He has a daughter, Esme, who is six years old and doesn’t speak to anyone but her father due to a tragedy when she was younger. She sees Melanie and walks up to her and speaks. Melanie doesn’t know how important this is until she meets Rhys and tells him how she met Esme.

Melanie is a single woman working in a diner barely making it. She lives with a waitress that she works with, but she doesn’t have her own room, she sleeps on the couch. The roommate has a boyfriend who is creepy and is always watching Melanie sleep.

Fate and a little girl brought these two together.

This story was a great read. I really liked Rhys and Mel, they are both very strong personalities with their own baggage, but they don’t bring it into their relationship too much. They both deal with it on their own and then as they get to know each other well enough and realize that they are worthy of love, and to have someone beside them to bring out their strengths, they share their past with each other and it helps to make their relationship stronger.

They have some trials and tribulations along the way, and they need to learn trust, but in the end they find their way and become a family.

Definitely a different kind of billionaire  and single father falls for a regular girl and nanny book. Good read. It made me cry in a few places due to circumstances in their lives, but I really liked the book. I read it in one day and didn’t want it to end. If you enjoy a story about life, love, and forever, with some angst thrown in, then Mr. Control is a great choice.

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