ARC Review of “Dark Promises”, by Winter Renshaw @HGRomanceDeals

Great read! I loved this story!

A young woman from a high profile family, Rowan Aldridge, is looking to get over a broken heart and decides to have a one night stand with a man who is from a more prominent family than hers. Keir Montgomery, the youngest son of the President of the United States, is a man who doesn’t care what others think, but he wants to get into Politics, so he needs to change public perception of him. Rowan thinks that if she has a one night stand with Keir, she will get over the man who just broke her heart. Little does she know that the relationship that just ended for her was a blessing.

Keir needs a woman at his side that can charm the public for him. Rowan is a woman who has lived her life in the spotlight, and has never done anything publicly that would get back to her parents. Are these two the perfect match? Will they find a way to make a relationship work?  Can they find their way to love each other?

Winter did a great job with this story. The story starts right out with drama and heat, and keeps going throughout the entire book. I hated for it to end, and I hated to put it down. I loved Keir and Rowan, they were strong characters and they were very well developed. I wish that the Epilogue had been a little longer and had more about Keir and Rowan’s life, but the story is great! I will now have to go back and read Ronan’s story.


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