Review of “Black Platinum”, by P.T. Michelle @pt_michelle @givemebooksblog

I love the “In The Shadows Series”, and “Black Platinum” does not disappoint. Mr. Black and Red are still just as hot and great together. The fact that Mr. Black’s Alpha tendencies have eased off a little for Talia, but that his protective instincts are still in effect shows that he will always protect what is his.

Talia and Sebastian have a lot of baggage from their pasts and it just seems to keep showing up when they try to move on with their lives. Talia’s strength and love shows through in her actions in her daily life and dealings. These characters show that love can conquer all. Their love for each other and their families show through all the time. Even the love for those who are not blood family but work with them are so important in their lives that they will do anything for them as well.

I love the way P.T. Michelle writes her characters. They are well rounded and real.

Her “In The Shadows Series” is full of action, suspense, and hot Alpha males. I love a story that makes me lose myself in it so that I don’t know what time it is or much of what is going on around me, and this series does that.


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