Review of “Kidnapped by 2 Men”, by Summer Cooper @summer_author

Two hot men who are doing a job and end up finding love unexpectedly. Liam and Cameron had a rough up bringing, and they finally found a family and felt the acceptance and love of parents. These men are both kind hearted and caring men and just need to find the right woman to help them come out of their shell and be the men that they are meant to be.
Lily is living the life she wanted and is in love with her boss, a man who is a CEO and is not as honest or good as Lily thinks he is. She ends up in the cross hairs of her boss’s business dealings and finds true love and the life she didn’t know that she wanted.
I got angry on behalf of characters, cried for characters, and fell in love with characters in this book. I loved this story and enjoyed reading it. Another great book by Summer Cooper.

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