Review of “Mr. Darkness”, by Hilary Storm (@hilary_storm, I loved this story)

“Mr. Darkness” by Hilary Storm was a steamy read. I love Hilary’s writing and her story telling is great. I have read her “Rebel Walking Series”, all but maybe the last one, so far and loved them just as much as I loved “Mr. Darkness”.

The relentless pursuit of Camille by Mr. Darkness finally breaks her down. The fire between Cami and Damon is off the charts, but she’s afraid to act on it. He pushed her in the right way and they both got what they wanted in the end.

The Cave is a new experience for Cami, and it’s hard for her to wrap her mind around what she sees. The scenes at The Cave between these two were steamy, but I wish that Damon hadn’t tried to distance himself so much from Cami during the beginning scenes. The final scene was great.

Although they got their HEA, I was left wondering a few things about them and their story.

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