Review of “Clipped”, by Remy Blake

This book was full of sexual tension. Wesley Steele is the bane of Avery’s existence in high school. Avery is very organized, everything has to be in order, and she has a specific routine she follows, even when she studies. Wes likes her, but doesn’t quite know how to show her other than tormenting her daily. She gains the nick name “Anal Avery” from Wes. Avery can’t wait to get out of small town West Virginia after high school. She goes to college in California and stays there for eight years. She gets a call from her sister that their mother’s had a stroke and she has to go home.

This story opened quickly and kept right up with the action. It’s a story about a sexy lumberjack and a social media marketing girl. I liked the characters and was happy that Avery and Wes were able to overcome their past. The sexual tension between them is hot and when they finally get together the steam factor increases. I enjoyed the book and hope to see a story about Lucy’s relationship with Magnus.

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