✦•✦ THRILLING NEW RELEASE & ePRIZE!! ✦•✦ +REVIEW: The Chase (A Black Coyotes MC Series Book 1) by Ruby Bloom

If you love reads that get your pulse pounding & leaving you feeling warm all over…then you need to #oneclick your copy of THE CHASE by debut author Ruby Bloom!

THE CHASE is a sensationally hot, forbidden love, forced proximity, dark MC romance standalone and is the first book in her Black Coyotes MC Series. Don’t miss this grumpy alpha hero find his happily ever after.


Amazon Universal ~ https://geni.us/PZIp

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Colt thought he had it all.

Freshly released from a stint in prison, his next move is to get back to his motorcycle club and return to his live fast, die young lifestyle.

Until he realizes he’s been brutally betrayed.

He thought he was returning to his position as President of the Black Coyotes MC.

But it isn’t his MC anymore.

Usurped from his throne, he’s now a wanted man. A broken shadow of his former self, all he can do is turn and run.

Until a sassy, spoiled, all too familiar woman steps into the fray. April thinks her life is all sewn up and sorted. Little does she know her hidden connection to the dangerous outlaw MC makes her a target, too.

When their paths cross, and they find themselves in a deadly chase against the MC, nothing will stop him from protecting April from the MC’s grasping claws.

But the chase requires more strength and courage from him than he fears he can give. Can he find it within himself to fight for what belongs to him? Even if it means fighting against himself. Can he outrun his own demons that hound him?

When an unconventional way out presents itself, can he rise from the ashes and walk alongside her on the road he fears to tread, or does he just keep running?

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MY REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

An excellent start to a new series, and debut for author Ruby Bloom! Two people betrayed, in trouble, and trying to escape the danger and destruction awaiting them.

He chose to do time for his club. As the president of the Black Coyotes, Colt felt it was his job to step up and take the fall for his MC. He spent five years in prison and now its release day. Things aren’t going the way he expected though. His ride is late, they don’t show any respect for the cut or patches he wears, and his mind is going crazy trying to figure out what’s going on. When they get back to the club it’s quiet and deserted. Still wondering what’s going on, Colt, asks for a whiskey.

She has done well for herself. Her father, the past president of the Black Coyotes MC, made sure that she was protected and kept away from the life he was living. April’s an attorney, does well for herself, is engaged to the proper man for her standing, but now she finds herself blind folded, with her hands tied and shoved into the back seat of a car. When she finally gets out and can see what’s going on she has no idea why she’s been brought to a run-down bar.

I loved this debut novel by Ruby Bloom and the start of a new MC series. Its action packed. Colt is a man that finds himself in self-doubt. Colt is a great character that is relatable, he isn’t so sure of himself and his past left him that way. April’s life is not what she thought she knew. She had no idea who Colt was until this day and now that she knows him, she finds herself falling for the man that is trying to protect her. I love Colt and April. They’re great characters and I love them. I can’t wait for more of this series.

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