🏔 Review of High Meadow: High Mountain Trackers, Book 1 by Freya Baker @freya_barker

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

A retired special ops tracker now owns a ranch in Montana and runs High Mountain Trackers with members from his special ops team. They run High Meadows Ranch along with the tracking business. Jonas Harvey hires out a prized stud for breading mares at this ranch. When that stud gest out of his paddock and gets hurt, Alexandra “Alex” Hart is called by a passerby to come check out the horse. Alex runs Hart’s Horse Rescue. Alex is a trained vet tech and now rescues horses from neglected situations as well as abuse. She doesn’t believe in putting a horse down just because they have an injury or are spooked because of how they were treated before she took them in.

Alex and Jonas’ first meeting wasn’t pleasant, so when Alex gets a call to go to High Meadows Ranch to help out with a horse that was injured and needs some extra work, she is surprised to meet the grouchy man that she met at the scene on the roadside. Both Alex and Jonas are surprised at the second meeting and Alex holds her head high and keeps her walls up. When Jonas’ team is called out for a tracking job, and danger is near, Jonas’ protective side comes out.

I really liked this story and the loved the characters. Jonas is a man that never figured he’d find a woman to settle down with and now in his 50’s he figured he’d live his life the same way it’s been for years, but when Alex comes along and shows him how his life could be he wants what he envisions. Alex is a widow with a grown son and isn’t looking for anything serious. Her heart has been broken before and she is not looking to lose anyone close to her again, so she’s built a wall around her heart, but Jonas has the hammer to break those walls down.

I look forward to more of the High Meadow/High Mountain Trackers characters and hope there are many more books to come. I would love to read Lucy’s story too. She’s a great character and her story seems to like it will be a tough one. I give this book a 4-star review.

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