Review of Badge: Ruthless Kings MC Las Vegas Chapter, Book 16 by K L Savage @klsavage_author

Everyone has dreams when they are young.
And mine came to an abrupt halt.

I changed as a man, as a person, my soul was damaged beyond repair.
So I turned into someone everyone would hate.
Because I hate everyone and everything.
I’m furious at the world.
I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
But then it does change.
And if there is one thing I am not good at, it’s adapting.

Hope, Bullseye’s daughter, jump starts my soul again.
hate it.
I love it.
need her.
But I can’t have her.
She’s my friend’s daughter, for one.
For two, she’s way too damn young for the likes of me.
Three? She’s got a kid.
And everyone knows how I feel about kids.

Vermin. Loud. Annoying.
Wonderful. Beautiful. Precious.
The voice inside my head is stupid.
It wants and wants but I won’t allow myself to have it.
I don’t deserve to have it.
There’s no hope for me.
Even if hope is staring me in the face.
I have to focus on me. My business. I’m on a case.
Women are dying.
And it’s all because of me.
I have to protect what I care about for once in my life.
I failed once and I refuse to do it again.

How can I love her, when hate is all I’ve ever known?

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MY REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

An emotionally charged, tragic, beautiful, awesome story!

I love the Ruthless Kings MC books, all of them, but Badge has a special place in my heart now. He has always been the grumpy, kept to himself, angry brother, but after reading his story, most of his has been an act to keep the truth well hidden. He’s a deep feeling, caring, wonderful man that has seen tragedy, pain, and loss so deep that he has buried his heart and put barbed wire around it for good measure.

Hope’s life was not normal. She unfortunately, had to follow in her father and mother’s footsteps growing up. Her father, Bullseye, thought he lost her the same day he lost her mother, but Patricia lied to him and kept Hope and raised her on her own, only to give her the same life that her parents had to endure. Now she’s found a family and happiness and is ready to find her HEA, and Badge is the man that she wants that with, even if he is so much older than her. She just has to find the true man behind the pain and grumpiness.

This story is tragic, beautiful, entertaining, and has a twist that I did not see coming. Badge is angry that he had to give up his career, but he’s found a way to put those skills to work. However, there are a few downfalls to his plan, first he is keeping it a secret from Reaper, which is never a good idea. Also, it is bringing his past back to the surface and making him hurt all over again. It’s also making him surly and short with those that he cares about. Besides dealing with this, he is also trying to fight his attraction to Hope and the feelings that she brings out in him. I love this book and Badge and Hope’s road to their HEA, but it was an emotional ride to the end. I loved that Badge’s heart is unthawed and he can find a way to bring peace to Haley. Let’s not ignore the inclusion of Mateo Moretti in this story as well. He owes so much to the Ruthless Kings, but it seems that he is always issuing threats to them. I love the characters, the stories, the writing of these books and I am always ready for more. I give this story a 5-star review.

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