Review of Rebel’s Firecracker: Hunter’s Creek Archangel’s Warriors MC Book 2, by Ciara St. James

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5

Rebel returns to Hunter’s Creek to start working as co-manager of the new bakery that the Hunter’s Creek Archangels Warriors has opened. He has no idea who the woman that will be co-managing with him is, or that she’s about to bring out the protective and possessive nature he had buried deep inside. When he thinks that she has already been claimed by a brother he fights to stay away and leave her alone, only his perception is way off. 

Madisen is so excited to finally have the opportunity to open her own bakery. Yeah, she is only a part owner, but still, her dream of owning a bakery and making her sweets to sell is finally coming true. She’s a tough cookie and takes no crap from anyone. When one of her employees finds herself in a bad relationship, the Hunter’s Creek Archangels Warriors will find out just how tough she is, and so will the guy that was threatening her employee. Madisen had to fend for herself and not about to let anyone take anything from her ever again. 

I loved Rebel and Madisen. The Archangel’s Warriors are tough men in their own rights, but add in the women that make them whole and you have an MC of not only bada** bikers, but their women too. The women are just as tough and ruthless as their men, otherwise the men would not have chosen them. I love how Ciara St. James writes her characters. They’re fun, loyal, tough, dark, Alpha, protective and funny. Rebel’s and Madisen’s story was the same. It was an action packed, page turner that pulled me in and held me tight. I love reading these books and losing all track of time and the world around me. I give this book a 5-star review. 

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