Review of Altin: Tirana Brothers Trilogy (Social Rejects Syndicate) Book 2, by K. L. Ramsey @KLRamsey5

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

Altin is the middle son of the Tirana family boys and should not be the next in line as the leader of the family, but since his older brother, Llir, took off and their father agreed to let him live his life away from the family, Altin stepped up to take his spot. The trouble is that he doesn’t want to lead any more than his brother did. When he learns a secret, he may have found a way to get out of the family business like his older brother, the only thing he has to make sure that his younger brother is part of his deal and plan. He doesn’t want him to be forced to take the position either. He is not expecting things to go the way they do. He has to improvise along the way.

Blake Reid is a woman with a hidden past and revenge on her mind. When she meets Altin Tirana, she is not ready for the turmoil, speed, or changes he will bring to her life. She’ll have to rethink her life and where it will go from this point on. Can she keep her secret and stay alive, or will her secret come out and her past get her killed?

I enjoyed this second book in the Tirana Brothers Trilogy. I liked the characters and the story. The suspense of what would happen along the path of Altin and Blake’s story kept the pages turning. I am anxious for the rest of the story and what will happen next. These characters have a lot to deal with in order to have the life they want. Blake has a lot of baggage, but then so do the Tirana brothers. They have had to live a life of looking over their shoulder and only have trust in each other. Like Blake said, “That’s no way to live”. I give this story a 4-star review and I am looking forward to the next book and Veton’s story.

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