A ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review for The Keepers (The Gamma Sequence Book 4) by Dan Alatorre USA Today Best Selling Author

Hank DeShear is a private detective that has endured tragedy in his past, now he has the responsibility of a 5-year girl, Constantine, that is very special and very sought after. He will do anything to keep her safe and protected, but when he is double-crossed by boat captain, his whole world could implode and he could lose everything, the woman he loves, the little girl he has vowed to protect, and even his freedom, or his life.

Jaden Trinn is a US Agent for a special group. She’s also the woman that Hank DeShear loves. She is just as determined to protect and keep Constantine safe as Hank is, but a leisurely boat and fishing trip will turn very dangerous and memorable for this group. Jaden will have to fight for her life on more than one occasion to get back to Hank and Constantine.

Keeper 27 is a mystery herself. She has special abilities that make her a target for some people to use. She is friends with Hank and Jaden and has a special place in her heart for Constantine. She is determined to find Constantine and make sure she is safe. She may have been under Dr. Hauser’s rule at one time, but now she has the chance to be free and live her life with those she cares about. She has made some connections with special people along the way and will call on them as needed to find Constantine and save her. Her travel companion Dr. Kittaleye is a young psychiatrist that will find a new path to follow, should she decide to take that chance.

The story starts off with a nurse caring for a mystery patient in a French Hospital. The first chapter starts with a mystery and builds up to the action and suspense throughout the story, keeping my interest all the way to the end of the book. Although I have not read the first three books in the series, I had no problem reading or following the plot of The Keepers and understanding the story. The fourth book in The Gamma Sequence is full of action, suspense, angst and great characters. I had no problem reading it as a stand-alone. I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more of Mr. Alatorre’s books in the future. I would love to have more of this family of misfits and how things will work out for them. I love a story that starts off with the mystery and keeps me wanting more. I really enjoyed how the story started out and as it went along there was a bit of a different focus. It never distracted from the story and for me it was very interesting to move back and forth between the scenes and get the full picture of what was going on as well as each character’s perspective and what they were enduring on their path to Constantine and her safety.

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