Review of Echo (Linear Tactical Series Book 7) by Janie Crouch @janiecrouch


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 out of 5

I loved this second chance romance.

Cade O’Connor is Oak Creek’s hometown celebrity. His family is well known in Oak Creek, but his own celebrity status came from his own talent. A silent investor/partner of Linear Tactical has given him a family of friends who will stand behind him and do anything for him.

Peyton Ward was young when she first met Cade. She had a secret then that Cade kept close for her. Five years later, Cade learns of another secret and this one is huge. Will these two find a way to over come their past and move forward with the future they both deserve and want?

This story was full of danger, betrayal, suspense and the desire for a chance at real happiness. It kept me wondering, guessing, and at the edge throughout. It was perfectly paced with danger and suspense and I loved every page of this book. I give it 5-bright stars and encourage you to buy and read this book as well as the entire series. Each book just gets better.

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