Review of Parrish: A Satans Knights MC Novel, by Janine Infante Bosco @JanineBosco

Wow, what a ride! I’ve read a few of the Satans Knights books and I fell in love with Parrish from reading those books. I haven’t read the first book in the series yet, but meeting Jack “Bulldog” Parrish in Loner – Nomad Series Novel, Riding the Edge, and The Devil Don’t Sleep, I fell in love with him and his passion for the men and women he considered family. He may be fighting with his maker, but the men and women of the Satans Knights will always have his back and be there for him.

Parrish has decided to quit fighting his mind and has surrendered to keep his family safe and out of trouble. However, before he can turn himself in, there is an accident and his future is re-written, once again. I was worried at the end of the story that there were going to be questions left unanswered about Blackie, but it was covered in the Epilogue. I look forward to reading Blackout next.

I loved this story. It’s a story of love and redemption. It’s a second chance at life and finding what’s important in one’s life. It’s full of turmoil, suspense, and heartache. A story of a man who fights the darkness daily and yet he learns that he can win the battle with help from those around him and the family loves him. I loved the Love Letter to Jack Parrish at the end of the book, too. It was a great addition to the book. I give this story a 5-star review and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys MC stories, stories of love, suspense, and men who fight for their family of choice.

Review of Axel: A Romantic Suspense Novel by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn

Axel, a young man who has to learn how to live his life on his own after a terrible, life altering incident happens in his life. After he reacts to an incident that he walks up to his life will change forever. Is he meant to be alone for his entire life, or will he find that someone who will heal his heart and soul?

Aly, a young woman who has to leave her home to find herself and a life that will heal her. After growing up in a small town she decides to leave for the big city of Seattle because it’s not too far away from home, but it’s far enough that she will be on her own and hopefully find her true self.

I am not sure how Bry Ann comes up with her stories, where they come from, or how she is able to write such a wonderful story about such a painful, emotional, and heart-wrenching subject, but she does such a great job with them.

This story tore my heart out of my chest, the same way that most of Bry Ann’s books have done to me, but it was put back by the end of the book. I loved how these two characters grew throughout this book and were able to find each other and a happy life.

I have now read all of Bry Ann’s books that I can get my hands on and I have to say that she has quickly become a favorite author of mine. I give this story a 5-star review and heartily recommend that you read it and all of Bry Ann’s books. Just be warned that they are emotional, angsty, and heart-wrenching even though they do have a happy ending. Bry Ann’s dedication in this book even had me in tears.

Review of Flint: A Bad-Boy MC Romance, by Simone Scarlet @HiddenGemsBooks @simonescarlet

A young woman running for her life trying to find an MC group that her father told her to search out for redemption of his murder.

Chloe Parris’ father has been murdered and his last words to her before he died was “find the Knuckleheads”. She had to flee her home anyways because the men who took out her father are now after her. Big corporation men are hunting her down.

Flint Frasier is he front man for the Knucklehead Garage, a real-life TV show of a crew who repair and build motorcycles. He used to be a member of the Knuckleheads MC but after a windfall he decided to leave and open his dream garage. After ten years of this he’s in a rut.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was action packed and had some steamy sex scenes. The plot was a story that was real-life and seemed to be taken from the news. It was action packed, intense and fun to read.

I give this book a 4.5-star review. I recommend this book for anyone who likes to read suspense, MC, romance, and characters who aren’t afraid to do the right thing.

A Hard Man to Love by Lola StVil NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!!

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She teased and taunted him. Now, she will pay a stiff price…

Rex Holden is fresh off a seven-year prison sentence. He finds a gig as a mechanic; tending to a fleet of cars for a wealthy family. Their youngest daughter, Ava Walsh, has just come home from boarding school. She’s eager to tempt the new ex-con working for her Dad. But Rex isn’t like the boys at school. He’s all man. He sees what he wants and he takes it. Ava thought she was done with classes but schools back in session.

Lesson one: Never tempt an Alpha.

Please note: This is a sexy, safe, short story. It’s also a stand alone, HEA. If you like getting dirty, you’ve come to the right place.


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I had it all.
Dream job, fancy apartment, great family.
But there was one thing I didn’t have.
Would never have.

Then he showed up.

He came to me with an ultimatum, and I had no choice but to agree. I needed to convince the world that I was Nathaniel Harrington’s girlfriend so his legacy would stay intact.

Spending time with him would be difficult.
And fooling the world would be even harder.
But persuading my heart into thinking that his kisses meant nothing and that his gentle touches were all in my head, would be impossible.

I was falling for him.

But fate had other plans.
Our time was limited.
Because I knew the truth.
A truth that would end us.


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SUBMIT by Lana Sky NOW LIVE!!!

by Lana Sky

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Pain is the most potent drug and Frankie Marconi is addicted to the burning sting of it. Maxim Koslov, a deranged crime lord with a tormented past, is more than willing to deliver the dose she needs.

But when lust becomes obsession, Frankie begins to realize that there is only one way out of this dangerous game of Russian Roulette…

And Maxim never loses.

18+ Extremely Dark Themes. Strong Sexual/Adult content. Mentions of abuse and violence.


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