Review of: An Unconventional Affair Book 2, A Risk Worth Sharing @rararesources and @MollieBlake0

Book 2 of An Unconventional Affair continues with the lives of Tranquility “Tee” Hammond and Barrington Stone after their split while Barrington goes to Australia for work. He’s to be there for a year to start his career, but his life will take a drastic change. His priorities will change, and his life will be put on hold for eight years. Work will be his entire focus during that time.

The story of these two unfolds and shows that they both are trying to move on from their short affair, but unforeseen circumstances brings them back together and their lives will be changed again. Just when they think that they can move on and have a good life, the past will resurface and cause them trouble for a period.

I give this story a 3.5-star review. It’s a good continuation of the lives of Tee and Barrington while bringing in Sebastian and Ruby. The characters are further developing with this book. For me, some of the writing seemed clinical rather than easy flowing in areas. This story has suspense, love, and turmoil throughout.

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