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Join over two dozen other authors as they bring you The CARDS OF LOVE COLLECTION.

Pick your card.

Choose your fate.

Fall in Love.

Pick another card.

Fall in love all over again.

Which card will you choose?

Contributing authors include:

Willow Winters, Leah Holt, Fawn Bailey, Ella Fox, Amelia Wilde, Sierra Simone, Clarissa Wild, Cora Brent, Stevie J. Cole, Claudia Burgoa, Olivia Ryann, Rochelle Paige, Suzanne Halliday, Trisha Wolfe, Maya Hughes, Autumn Jones Lake, Nina Levine, Fiona Cole, Theresa Leigh, Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller, Nora Flite, JJ Knight, Leslie Pike, LP Lovell, Jenika Snow, Jade West, Bella Love-Wins, Cassia Leo, Tabatha Kiss, Alexis Anne, Linnea May, Jo Raven.

All of the Cards of Love stories are STANDALONES. Each book will be released this October. Check out each authors social media today, from 2pm EST to see the covers and find out more about each story!


COMING SOON!!! Cyclone by Janie Crouch is releasing September 25!!!

COMING SOON!!! Cyclone by Janie Crouch is releasing September 25!!!


“CYCLONE is the perfect title for the story that will pull you in and then blow you away! You won’t be able to stop reading!” – USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb

“Fast paced and packed with emotion. CYCLONE is one wild ride. – USA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Delores Fossen

Pre-order the first book in the Linear Tactical series now!





He’d protect her from any threat…
But what if the biggest threat is him?

Doctor Anne Nichols is back in Oak Creek, Wyoming, only because she has no other options. Here, she was always the shy, stuttering girl, invisible to everyone.

Except Zac Mackay. The very reason she left in the first place.

Zac’s years in Special Forces taught him survival skills, and he’s created a company—Linear Tactical—to teach those skills to others, so they never have to live in fear.

Then why is Annie, the last person he’d ever want to hurt, afraid of him?

Zac’s determined to wipe the fear from the eyes of the woman who has never been far from his mind. And fix the mistakes—his mistakes—that put that look there in the first place.

But a predator has set his sights on Annie. And now survival skills will become much more than lessons…

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#2 Eagle




#3 Shamrock 





#PreOrder “Fast paced and packed with emotion. CYCLONE is one wild ride.” “This book is amazing!” Cyclone by @janiecrouch

#PreOrder “Emotional and suspenseful–a story you’re thrilled to get lost in and stay up half the night reading!” Cyclone by @janiecrouch

#PreOrder “A pulse-pounding, emotional must-read” “Takes the reader on a page-turning thrill ride. Buckle up and hang on!” Cyclone by @janiecrouch

#PreOrder “CYCLONE is the perfect title for the story that will pull you in and then blow you away! You won’t be able to stop reading!” Cyclone by @janiecrouch


unnamed (2)

by Rose Harper

unnamed (3)

NOW LIVE!!! Blood & Secrets 4 by Rose Harper is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

“this series is so dark and absolutely incredible!!” – Goodreads reviewer

“Definitely a must read series for all of us who love the hardcore filthy, dark, dirty romances!!!!” – Goodreads reviewer


unnamed (4)
They wanted a leader?
Well now they have a Queen.
They will either bow before me, or I will kill them all.

There are three things you never do to someone as merciless as me.

1. Screw them over.
2. Lie.
3. Take what’s theirs.

She will get what’s coming to her,
And I’m going to relish the blood I spill.
Two down;
Two more to go.
And she went straight to the top of my list.

Everyone thought I was bad before?
They have no idea the six levels of Hell I’m about to unleash.
The pain.

Oh, but they will.
They will know all too soon.

Do you think I will succeed in my mission?
Travel within enemy territory and take back what’s mine?
Well, of course I will.
I refuse to lose at anything.

Because there’s one thing you never do to a bloodthirsty, sadistic Queen,
And that’s wronging her by taking her King.

unnamed (5)

#1 Blood & Secrets 1


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#2 Blood and Secrets 2


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#3 Blood and Secrets 3


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#NEW #KU “absolutely mind blowing” “The twist and turns, holy crap!!!” Blood & Secrets 4 by @AutRoseHarper

#NEW #KU “Brilliant!!” “Another great book in this awesome series!!” Blood & Secrets 4 by @AutRoseHarper

#NEW #KU “this series is so dark and absolutely incredible!!” Blood & Secrets 4 by @AutRoseHarper

#NEW #KU “Definitely a must read series for all of us who love the hardcore filthy, dark, dirty romances!!!!” Blood & Secrets 4 by @AutRoseHarper

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Blog Tour of “Buried Lies”, by Chris Collett @Books_n_all @crime_crow

Buried Lies Cover


Do you love gripping mysteries with great characters?

Discover Detective Tom Mariner in this critically acclaimed series.

‘Collett is a wonderful writer, subtle, clever, strong on atmosphere and character.’ Yorkshire Post

Detective Inspector Tom Mariner goes to the beautiful Welsh countryside to recover. But he finds himself caught up in a murder investigation . . . with him as the prime suspect.

Grieving the death of his former lover, all Mariner wants is some peace and quiet. But his walking holiday is ruined by the discovery of a body in the woods.

The remote stone farmhouses of this beautiful valley hide many buried secrets.

As more bodies are discovered, can Mariner clear his name and avoid becoming the next victim?

Discover an absorbing crime mystery with an action-packed conclusion.

Perfect for fans of Peter James, Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson. This is the sixth book in the DI MARINER SERIES, more books coming soon!


Birmingham is a city of stark contrasts with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Playing a key role in the industrial revolution, it helped shape the nation’s manufacturing industry

But with its many green spaces, Birmingham also borders on the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire and Warwickshire, is just a few miles from Stratford on Avon and a short drive from the wild country of mid-Wales.

Birmingham’s population is large and ethnically diverse, and while urban regeneration has forged a modern and culturally vibrant city, the decaying remnants of the industrial past and 1960s concrete jungle give it a unique and gritty character; the dark underbelly policed by DI Tom Mariner and his team.

Detective Inspector Tom Mariner is, on the surface, an average dedicated policeman, but his experiences as a younger man have given him an insight into life on the dark side, and a clear sense of right and wrong. Mariner has little interest in material things. He lives in a modest canal-side cottage, enjoys the occasional (real) beer and game of dominoes and drives an old car. He is most at home in the outdoors, with an OS map and a compass, and in times of crisis, will take off and walk for miles in any weather.



Book 1: Deadly Lies
Book 2: Innocent Lies
Book 3: Killer Lies
Book 4: Baby Lies
Book 5: Married Lies
Book 6: Buried Lies
Books 7 coming soon



Author Bio

Chris Collett grew up in a Norfolk seaside town where she worked in a boarding house (now defunct) a local bakery (closed down) and a crisp factory (razed to the ground). Graduating in Liverpool, Chris has since taught children and adults with varying degrees of learning disability, including autism. She is now a university lecturer, with two grown up children, and lives in Birmingham; DI Tom Mariner’s ‘patch’. She has published short stories, teaches creative and crime writing and is a manuscript assessor for the Crime Writers Association.

The first five DI Tom Mariner books will be released in revised editions by Joffe Books in 2017/2018.



Twitter: @crime_crow


My Review:

Another great DI Mariner story. I loved the twists and suspense in this story. The dedication to the job by DI Tom Mariner and his team always makes the book so much better to read.

Even when on vacation, Tom cannot get away from the job. It seems to follow him no matter where he goes. DI Tom Mariner needs to get away and let his mind wander and clear after attending the funeral of his ex, Anna. He decides to go to Wales and walk the path that he walked when he was a young man. He isn’t sure there are any of the people left in the area so many years later, but the familiarity of the area helps him. He finds that there is someone still living in the small town where he stayed at a hostel and worked on the local farm. He runs into an old lover and finds that she is engaged and has two children. Tom stays in the run-down hostel for a few days while he is walking the paths in the area. He has a hard time shutting down the detective side of him, and when he is run over by someone on the trail, has to convince the man to tell him what has him so spooked and running through the woods like he is.

DI Mariner is unlucky in this story as he finds not only one dead body, but two and he is a suspect in the death on one because they were sharing a room. There are several murders in this story, and the twists of the murderer and the victims drew me to think that the murderer was one person, but in the end one murder is not clear as to who the murderer is. The intertwining of the lives of the people in this story was complex and interesting all the same.

I give this story a 4.5 star review and really look forward to the next DI Tom Mariner story to answer some questions that were created at the end of this book. I highly recommend all the books in the DI Mariner series, they are full of twists and always have me surprised by who the murderer is as well as the reason behind the crimes.

Blog Tour of “Bye Baby Bunting”, by Tannis Laidlaw @Books_n_all @TannisLaidlaw

BLOG TOUR Banner - Bye Baby BuntingBye Baby Bunting ebook cover-5BOOK DESCRIPTION


An unwanted pregnancy. A kidnapping. Escape…

University student Jemma Howell’s life has turned upside down: she’s pregnant and her boyfriend has just died.

A lawyer manipulates Jemma to sign away the child to her dead boyfriend’s parents, the wealthy Winchesters.

Six months after giving birth, Jemma is still obsessed with her baby’s welfare. A chance opportunity occurs. She makes a split-second decision.

She is now a kidnapper and on the run. Detective Constable Tim Findlay is assigned to the Winchester kidnapping, his first big case.

In the course of the investigation, he and his partner uncover deeply hidden secrets about the Winchester family.

For Tim, the difference between right and wrong becomes blurred.

BYE BABY BUNTING is a page-turning psychological suspense that explores society’s attitudes to single parenting and adoption and the laws that apply to birth-mother, child and adoptive parents. The story takes place in Auckland, New Zealand, Hawaii and Winnipeg, Canada between 1963 and the present.

Author photo 2Author Bio

Dr Tannis Laidlaw has worn many hats in her career as a psychologist: clinician in private practice, in psychiatric bins and in the prison service; researcher in schizophrenia, anxiety, psychopathy and other personality disorders, mind-body interactions, and the therapeutic use of hypnosis; research manager; writer and lecturer.

She has always been fascinated by the human condition, not only in those with crossed wiring but also when ordinary people are driven to behave in extraordinary ways. Her fiction reflects her psychological background; her non-fiction, her interests as a wife, mother and friend.

Tannis lives with her husband in Auckland, but spends half her time at a deserted beach in Northland, the semi-tropical northern part of New Zealand, and in a remote cabin in the woods on a Canadian lake – all places where she writes and writes and writes.


Follow @TannisLaidlaw


My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book. It took a few pages for me to get into it, but once I began reading the story it was hard to put down. Being a child of the 1960’s it was easy to read this book and see where Jemma was coming from and her feelings about being looked down upon due to her pregnancy. I really liked how the story was written with the prologue giving you an insight into the story, and then the story starting from the beginning of Penny’s life.

This was a story of love, loss, and family but with the added psychological distress that Jemma went through giving up her baby and the despair that she felt about wanting her back and knowing her. Graemme was an added bonus to the story. He was a man that knew that Jemma was wrong, but his feelings for her overpowered his belief that she was in the wrong. Tim was a also an added bonus to the story with his detective work and his loyalty to his superior officer, Sarge. He was upset that they were given the low work, but he never really got angry with Sarge for the fact that his mess up caused this. He worked with him and he respected him.

I would like to know how things work out now with Jemma, Tim, and Penny’s family. I hope there will be another book coming along to answer the questions that were left at the end of this one. I give this story a 4 star review and look forward to reading more books by Ms. Laidlaw.


unnamed (1)


Yesterday’s Tomorrows by M.E. Montgomery has a brand new cover and it’s GORGEOUS!

“We fell in love with her characters and her storytelling in this beautiful story about embracing life, self-discovery, seizing second chances and not letting your mistakes and guilt define you.” – Totally Booked Blog


If growing up in her home wasn’t enough to shatter Madelyn Stone’s illusions of happily ever after, then serving several years behind bars certainly was. Her crime? Believing in family and growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. She’s learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a prince who’ll ride in and save the day, and she pledges never to trust anyone again. Never.

Between a career in the Marines and plans to marry his childhood sweetheart, Holten Andrews had his future all mapped out…until life took an unexpected, heart-ripping turn. Now he’s moved on with a new career in law, as well as vowing to confine women to one of three categories: family, professional, and f*ckable. No blurring the lines. Ever.

Love is the last thing on Maddy’s mind as she attempts to forge a new path out of the wreckage of her life. Holt’s sense of loyalty is rocked when he’s blindsided by feelings for a woman he would normally condemn. When revelations from Maddy’s past threaten her safety, Maddy has to put her faith in Holt, while Holt fights not to lose the one woman who’s blurred all of his lines. Every choice they make will figure into whether or not they can make yesterday’s dreams still come true tomorrow.

The SEAL’ed series has new covers and is in KU



The SEAL’ed series by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander has a new look
and you can now read the first two books for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Honor (SEAL’ed Book 1) →
Love (SEAL’ed Book 2) →

Fate (SEAL’ed Book 2) is coming to Kindle Unlimited on September 19
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Guest Spotlight for Blog Tour of: THE OTHER VICTIM by Helen H. Durrant

blog tour banner - THE OTHER VICTIM

My interest in family history began because of my odd surname. Depending on the pronunciation it could sound French. During the war my father was in Paris with the rest of his troop after D-Day. He met a family with the same surname and they let him stay with them. Months later, the young lady of the house was still writing to him, much to my mother’s disapproval! I was intrigued. I determined to find out if we did in fact have a French background. Not something I have got to the bottom of, but it is possible the name is Huguenot.

When I started on this quest – and that’s what it is because Family History is a life’s work – there was no internet. All research had to be done by turning pages, searching through the physical archives. I’ve been to St. Catherine’s House in London, umpteen parish churches to trawl through their baptism records and then finally I discovered the Mormon church and their archive.

However, one of the best starting points is the family. Advice – ask, ask and ask again. Get as much info from elderly relatives as you can. Names, places, rumour and gossip. One day it will pay dividends.

I won’t bore you with a blow by blow account but I have discovered a great deal. My ancestors were ordinary folk working hard for a living, and desperately trying to make ends meet. They lived in Macclesfield in Cheshire. A town famous for the manufacture of silk. The women worked as ‘throwster’ or ‘piercers’, and the men, ‘weavers’.



You can see the Durrant family about a third down.

The only two that had money emigrated to the USA in the eighteenth century. Caroline Durrant, and a few years later her sister, Kate. Kate left under a cloud and took her older sister, Caroline’s name. Even today I have difficulty trying to persuade her descendants that she is really Kate and not big sister. They don’t believe a word of the tale I told them!

Caroline moved to a town called Paterson, New Jersey. A number of Macclesfield folk moved here. I believe it too manufactured silk. Caroline went with her husband to start a new life. She prospered and went home to Macclesfield often. Kate, set off on her own and made her own way.




Kate Durrant is one of the more colourful among my ancestors. A pretty girl, with dark hair, she found herself pregnant at twenty. Not unusual, it had happened to one of her sisters and the family had rallied round. But they ostracised Kate. She was forced to give birth in Macclesfield workhouse. Why? I asked myself. What was the story here?

Kate Durrant was ‘lodging’ with her big sister, Eliza. One day Eliza returned home from the silk factory early and found Kate in bed with her husband. She kept him but threw poor Kate out. When she found herself pregnant it was accepted that the child was Eliza’s husbands and the family wanted nothing to do with her. The poor child died in the workhouse and is buried in a common grave in Macclesfield cemetery.

Kate must have been at rock bottom at that point. She made the decision to emigrate to the US. She landed at Ellis Island and set about finding a husband. She married well. Gave birth to two daughters and was pampered by her American husband’s family for the rest of her life.



Today we have the internet and sites like Find My Past and Ancestry, plus the free ones, like Family Search. Here you can find births, marriages and deaths, parish records and the census information. All of it vital to the family historian.