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An Unconventional Affair

An Unconventional Affair. Book 1 Email Indulgence

Tranquility “Tee” Hammond is head of a law firm. Having escaped a violent husband, with a son she was really too young to have had, her life revolved around her work. There was little time for anything else and she didn’t need anything else. When she was inclined to treat herself to a little sexual pleasure, she engaged the services of Email Indulgence—an exclusive club—one email for one night of sex with a man she didn’t know and didn’t need to care about again. For her, it was enough. But her life was about to be changed by a friend of Tee’s son at university, Barrington Stone, fifteen years her junior who is determined to woo her into an unconventional affair.


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Mollie Blake is a published author of contemporary romance. A lover of reading sexy stories, Mollie decided to go one step further and write her own. Her romances are filled with danger and peppered with hot sexy scenes. She is a member of International Thriller Writers and UK Romantic Novelists Association.

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My Review:

An unconventional love story. A woman who has lived her life for her job, she recognizes that she is not mother material even though she has a son in college. She is a partner in a law firm and has raised her son on her own since he was very young. She has worked her way up in her law firm and has worked very hard to get to where she is today. On her 40th birthday, her son comes home to celebrate with her and the family. Unbeknownst to Tee, he brings a friend with him, and she finds herself attracted to the young man.

The story is very well written and is not about a woman who chases after a younger man, it is just the opposite actually. The younger man is the one who decides that the relationship is worth pursuing.

I really enjoyed this story but hated the ending. I need to know what’s going to happen and would love to read the next story now. The characters are well written and the story has a lot of body to it. I look forward to “An Unconventional Affair, Book 2”.

Review of “Dilemma: Steve Regan Undercover Cop Book Two”, by Stephen Bentley @rosieamber1

As a part of Rosie Ambers Review team, I chose to read this book and review it.

A story of a British undercover cop who is working with a team to take down organized crime, drug dealers, and sex slavery. Steve Regan is a man who has traveled around the world trying to take down criminals who are selling drugs and women and ends up in Taiwan running a bar.

I like the story and the characters. Steve Regan is a man who works all the time, is dedicated to his job and his team. He is afraid that his cover has been blown, but he’ll continue to do the job is has to do until he is told otherwise.

The writing of this story reminds me a bit of the TV show Dragnet from the 1960’s and 1970’s. It’s almost like a narrator is telling the story rather than the character in the story. I give the story a 3.5 star review. This is the second book in a series, but it is the first story I’ve read by the author. I hope to read more by him in the future.


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Sex may sell, but their deal doesn’t include love…

Account Director Sloane Granderson has been given her orders by the CEO—tone down the antics of the “Brew Crew”, the guys at Huxworth Packard Advertising who work on their biggest account. Sure, they’re all puffed up, strutting egos, but they’re also the best and brightest creatives in Chicago. Including the newest recruit, disturbingly attractive Levi Wolcott.

Award-winning copywriter Levi is pumped to have been headhunted to Huxworth Packard to work on the beer account. But he’s not off to a good start when he and Sloane first meet in an embarrassing encounter in a hotel hall, and the Brew Crew’s merciless new-guy hazing doesn’t improve his shaky first impression. Even worse, Levi can’t ignore the intense attraction he has to Sloane.

Despite their mutual “hell no” when it comes to love, a moment of weakness makes Sloane and Levi believe business and pleasure can be kept separate, and maybe a little harmless sex isn’t that dangerous.

Or maybe it’s as harmless as a bomb with a lit fuse…

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Cover Reveal 1Title: Ace: Syns of Desert Angels MC
Author: L.M. Reigns
Release Date: August 24, 2018


He wanted to save her. She didn’t need to be saved.

Mila Rogers isn’t the kind of girl that sticks around, especially when it comes to Cole “Ace” Davenport when he left her five years before. Just up and left.

No phone call.

No text.

No goodbye.


Cole has had a rough life. Unbelievably rough. The son of the Desert Angels MC President doesn’t get to have it easy. So when the girl he let get away ends up at the same party, he wants to explain. Apologize. No one deserves to be left the way she had.

With her own secrets lurking beneath the surface, Mila wants nothing to do with him. Until the Syndicate decides a mutual truce with the reckless biker club is necessary for a job. Mila will do her job, of course, but that doesn’t stop Cole from pursuing her. Or does it?

Soon the two are engaged in a battle of wills, satisfying the innate desire that still lingers after all this time. But what will happen when the darkest of secrets threaten the brittle truce?


What’s done in darkness will come to light.

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Out NOW! The new series by Anne Conley, Playing with Fire’s first installment, Truth or Dare.

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When a child’s game goes delightfully wrong, Jude finds himself rethinking his current status quo. Jude finds himself strangely looking to Annette to make sense of his own life.
Annette is trying not to get distracted by the sexy firefighter, but when her artistic retreat begins in disaster, Jude’s playing the hero she can’t ignore. Suddenly, her artwork is completely changed with Jude’s exquisite lines transforming her landscapes.
Up until now, their life was like a notebook full of doodles, but it’s turning into a full-fledged art showing, and neither of them know how to deal with the embers of desire when they ignite into flames.
She walked through the cabin, taking stock. The first thing she noticed was it was rustic, and had one room, an open plan divided down the middle. An enormous brass bed was in the back corner, divided by a half wall that separated the bed/kitchen area from the living room.
Next to the bed, along the back wall, was a row of cabinets and countertops broken only by a sink for washing up and two large windows that exposed a breathtaking view. A butcher block island and a refrigerator, along with a coffee pot, seemed almost like decorations instead of necessities in the spartan room.
On the other side of the half wall was the living area with a couch, a couple of old recliners that looked more like homes to creatures than comfortable seating areas, and giant wood stove. Annette looked closer and noticed it had removable burners on top, which meant this was her stove for the week. She’d only cooked on a wood-burning stove once, at Luke’s deer camp, with horrific results. Oh well. She shrugged to herself. Fine dining was not a priority at the moment. She’d gotten Drake to leave, she just needed to get the cabin set up and she could get to work.
Aside from the recliners, the furnishings were old yet warm. Patchwork quilts covered the bed, there was an afghan the back of the sofa, and a closet held more blankets, towels, a stack of board games, cold weather gear, and a locked box. The bathroom was utilitarian yet had everything she would need, including running water.
It was cold, so she went outside to gather wood for a fire in the stove.
There wasn’t much. Scratch that. There was a ton of huge logs she had no hope of picking up and carrying inside, despite the fact they wouldn’t fit inside the barrel-bellied stove anyway.
She stifled the silent alarm that rose inside her as she looked at the sky. It was clear-blue with a few fluffy clouds. It looked gorgeous, but she didn’t know much about mountain weather. She’d moved here from the piney woods of east Texas. It rarely snowed there, much less was a way of life.
November on a mountain was a different story. She went back inside and looked in the wood stove, pleased to see there was a small fire already stacked. But how long would it last with no wood?
With a heavy sigh, she went over to the bed—where Drake had left her things before driving back down the mountain—and grabbed another sweater to put on. She would save the wood until she was nearly frozen, then start breaking up furniture, she supposed.
Annette opened the refrigerator to find a bottle of ketchup and a jar of mustard, and two cans of Bud Light.
The pantry was much the same way, but the spice cabinet was full. A snort left her lips. She could use it to flavor the mustard.
Was she supposed to freaking starve out here all alone in addition to freezing to death?
“Thanks a lot, Drake,” she muttered to herself while she stalked to her cell phone to call him.
No service.
Alarm bells were clanging in her head. She was stranded here with no food, no heat, and no cell phone.
She was suddenly freezing, starving, and had an inane desire to call her mother.

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About the author:
Anne has written her entire life and has the boxes of angst-filled journals and poetry to prove it. She’s been writing for public consumption for the past several years. She lives in rural East Texas with her husband and children in her own private oasis, where she prides herself in her complete lack of social skills, choosing instead to live with the people inside her head.
Currently, she has five romance series. Playing with Fire explores the trials and tribulations of a small team of fire fighters in the fictional mountain town of Pamona Gulch. In Pierce Securities, she gives us Ryan, Evan, Miriam, Zack, Quinten, Jordan, Hollerman, and Simon. Her favorite series, Book B!tches, is all about a group of women in Mystic, Texas who get into all sorts of shenanigans. In Stories of Serendipity, she explores real people living real lives in small town Texas in a contemporary romance setting. In The Four Winds, she chronicles God’s four closest archangels, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael, falling in love and becoming human.
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Follow on Instagram: anne.conley

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ARC Review of “Cut” by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn

I fell in love with Cut in the Roses & Thorns series and was so happy to hear that Bry Ann would be writing his story. It’s heartbreaking, but so great. His proof that he will go to any length to protect the women in his life just shows his strength, loyalty, and character. I look forward to more of the characters stories in this series.


I am so in love with Cut, he’s such a tough guy on the outside, but a softie on the inside. He is a man who works with criminals because it’s the only place he feels accepted. Maria sees beneath the scars and the man that he really is underneath. She is such a strong woman, yet a bit crazy. I love her and am so glad that she and Cut found their way to each other. He’s a loyal man who will do anything for those who are in his small circle but when he has to betray one very important woman to protect Maria it almost destroys him. The trust of Lacey is not easy to come by and he had to betray her or Maria would not have been in his life any longer, or anyone’s for that matter.

Luckily, Lacey is a woman who knows that loyalty and character are two things that make a person worthy of being in her life and that Cut did what he thought was right at the moment, even though it took her awhile to come to terms with the betrayal.

The real Cut comes out in this story and made me love him even more. I give this story 5 shining stars (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟) and would definitely give it more if I could. I love Bry Ann’s story telling and her ability to bring her characters to life in my living room or anywhere that I am reading her stories. I look forward to many more stories from her especially in this series.