Review of “Roses & Thorns: Men”, by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn

Oh My!!!! I am so loving this series. I only wish that the books were closer together. I have already pre-ordered the next book, Roses & Thorns: Conquer. Talk about cliff hangers…

Lacey is a badass survivor. I love her strength and her powerful heart. When she lets someone in, they are there for life and she is fierce in her loyalty to those people. Even when she is mad at someone that she cares about, she doesn’t quit caring. She may be angry, but she knows that they are in her circle for life. They will have to prove them self to her, but she will always care about them and be loyal to them. She has suffered so much in her young life, but in Roses & Thorns: Men, we see a completely different person emerge. She finds her strength and her power in this book and she grows even more. I love this character. She is perfect. Her scars inside and out have made her the powerful woman she is becoming and I only see her getting stronger and more fierce.

Boss is the same as he has been in the other books, but his soft side is emerging with watching Lacey come into her own in this book. We see his vulnerable side in this book and it only makes him more human. It is great to see that Lacey can make him such a humble man. Everyone has seen his fierce side in the previous books, but there is a whole new side of him in this book and I am liking him more now.

Sven, such a broken man. After Rose’s death he pretty much disappears into a bottle. It takes a while for him to find his way out, and that is only after Boss orders him to get help. We see a more mature and softer side to Sven in this book too. I love Sven, his cockiness, confidence, and brashness take a bit of a side trek in this book, but it will reappear towards the end of it.

I can’t wait for the next book to come out. This is a great series and I highly recommend it for readers who like dark love stories, and mafia men! I was crushed at the end of Roses & Thorns: Women, I am more hopeful now that I have read Roses & Thorns: Men. Roses & Thorns-Men

Thank you Bry Ann for writing such great characters. I will say that this book had me in tears often and I was laughing at some of the lines as well. These characters are great together and I would love to read more about Cut as well. I enthusiastically give this story a 5 star review. It just keeps getting better with each book!

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