Review of “Echo: Pierce Securities”, by Anne Conley @AnneConley10 @pelicanfreak #TuesdayBookBlog

SimonAhhh, Simon Pierce. I love his broody disposition, his rules, and his soft side. He is a man who has been hurt, betrayed, and made to question everyone. However, this new case could be the medicine he needs to move on with his life and find his way to a happy life.

Lacie Hill (Yoga Girl), a free spirit who has been targeted for some reason and things are escalating, but she doesn’t see it. Her father, Mr. Hill, is the Superintendent of the school that Lacie works in as a Kindergarten teacher. Lacie happens to be a work, when she receives dead flowers addressed to Yoga Girl, and she throws them away. Her father is also in the office and notices them. He knows about the two previous attacks and now this. He is worried about his only daughter getting killed. Mr. Hill hires Pierce Securities to protect his daughter and find out who is targeting her and why. Simon doesn’t want to be the one to take the case, but all of his employees are otherwise occupied, so he it. Taking a job working at the school with Lacie, Simon will be close by her should anything happen, he will also move into the vacant house across the street from hers.

Little does Simon know that this case will help him solve another major case that he has been working on to protect his little sister.

The connections in this case to other cases in Pierce Securities will put all of the team in danger, but they are not strangers to hard work and life threatening situations. This could be the case to end the whole team though. Can Simon live with that? Will his team come through and show him that they are resilient and stronger than he thinks?

This story is great! I love the Pierce Security Team, as well as this series. I give this book a 5 star review. I highly recommend that you read the entire series and get to know the team.

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