Review of “Thornhill Trilogy 1: Entrance”, by JJ Sorel @HGRomanceDeals @JJ_Sorel

A beautiful Billionaire love story. Aidan Thornhill is a billionaire who likes his privacy, shares his wealth with those who need it most, and is very down to earth. He is in search of a PA to help plan and run the gala’s that he has to raise money for the various charities that he runs to help the needy. His Aunt is his closest confidant and works with him in running his charities.

Clarissa Moone has been contacted by an employment agency to go to an interview for the position. She was just an after thought by the company, but she was very hopeful that she would get the job. Clarissa is an eccentric 21 year old, she has a degree in Art History, and is a caring thoughtful person. She is not a woman to watch the media, or gossip rags about celebrities. So when she goes to the interview, she is not aware of who the man is that she will be working for, until she gets home and talks with her roommate and best friend since childhood, Tabitha, who knows about everyone.

I loved this story and the characters really drew me in. I love Aidan and Clarissa, but Greta and Julian add so much to this story as well. They are the people who help to make Aidan and Clarissa who they are as adults. They care for them and they are very much a part of their lives.

I look forward to reading more of the Thornhill Trilogy in the coming year. JJ Sorel is a new to me author and I look forward to reading more of her stories.


One thought on “Review of “Thornhill Trilogy 1: Entrance”, by JJ Sorel @HGRomanceDeals @JJ_Sorel

  1. Hi sassyredhead, how lovely of you to take the time to read my little story of love. Thanks for your kind words, and here’s to a happy new year. Enlighten part 2 of the trilogy will be out end of January. Regards JJ Sorel


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