4 ⭐️ Review of Kiss of Power: Darby Crime Family (Mayhem Makers – MMM) by Jewelz Baxter

My Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

Ellis has wanted Arabella for quite a while and when an opportunity arrises, he will take advantage of the situation and make her his.

Arabella hates Ellis and they are always sparing over the fence between their properties. He enjoys her sass and that she’s not afraid to stand up to him. She despises him and wants nothing to do with him, or does she? When she finds herself in his home and has no idea for how long, the feelings begin to show.

I love how Ellis is a hard man, but he is a softy when it comes to Arabella. His life was not gentle or kind growing up and it made him and his brothers the hard, lethal men they are, but there is a soft side that only comes out for the right person and that just so happens to be Arabella.

This was my first book by Jewelz Baxter, but will not be my last. I enjoyed her writing style and her story telling and I look forward to finding more of her books to read. I’ll be buying some soon.

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