Wrecked: A Devil’s Handmaidens MC Novel (Devil’s Handmaidens MC Alaska Chapter Book 1) by E. M. Shue is LIVE! @emshue_ak – check out my Review at the bottom.

Title: Wrecked
Series: Devil’s Handmaidens MC Alaska Chapter Book 1
Author: E.M. Shue
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 11, 2023

From award winning author E.M. Shue comes a gritty heart-wrenching new MC romance. Wrecked is the first book in the Devil’s Handmaidens MC Alaska Chapter.

At seventeen Scout Riddler Keller was left wrecked. Destroyed by the boy she loved and left to pick up the pieces for a new life. She carries a piece of paper in her wallet with her every day to remind her to only trust the sisters in her club. They are her new family and have been there for her and her young daughter through the years.

Riddler was sure shed never see Thad again. When she returns home after her father is brutally murdered, she doesnt expect Thad to be the investigator on the case. He wants to start over with Riddler, but she still has that paper as a reminder of what he did to her.

When several young girls disappear from the area and it ties into her fathers murder, Riddler will call on her MC friends for help. But when the truth of who is behind it all is revealed, shell have to protect herself and her family. Even if it means asking Thad to go against everything he has sworn to uphold.

E.M. Shue is an Alaskan award-winning romance author. She is proudly featured in K Brombergs Everyday Heroes World, Aurora Rose Reynolds Happily Ever Alpha World, KL Donns Mafia Made Series, Susan Stokers Special Forces Operation Alpha World, and the soon to be released Devils Handmaidens MC Collection.

She published her first book in 2017 after having a dream that later became the Beverley Award winning, Snipers Kiss. Since then, she has gone on to win this award three more times with different books and has published over thirty titles.

Join Surprises from E.M. to be kept up to date on all her new releases and appearances.


MY REVIEW: 潃儭潃儭潃儭潃儭潃儭 5 out of 5

Tragic, suspenseful, secrets revealed, action packed, and second chances.

She had planned to return home at some point, but she wasn’t planning to do it so soon. She had a time line, but someone moved that time line up on her. Now she’s in danger in her home state of Alaska. Good thing she has her MC sisters behind her and more on the way. She also has the love of her life behind her, but they need to clear the air first. Scout’s secret is going to be revealed, she isn’t sure how she’s going to deal with it, but she will.

Thad is the lead investigator on the case that brings Scout back home. Their past is unresolved. They both believe the other to have been the reason for their pain but when secrets are revealed about their past will they be able to work together to protect Scout’s family? Thad’s life after Scout wasn’t a happy one, but the one part of that he doesn’t regret is his son.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a great chapter of the Devil’s Handmaidens and I can’t wait to read more of this chapter.

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