💀🖤Biker Romance🖤💀 🔥💗 Valentine’s Eve 💗🔥💀🖤Biker Romance🖤💀 🔥 Nashville, TN Chapter🔥 by Morgan Jane Mitchell @morgijane

Valentine's Eve (Royal Bastards MC: Nashville, TN #7)Valentine’s Eve by Morgan Jane Mitchell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Nashville, TN chapter of the RBMC are a special breed. More dysfunctional than the other chapters in my view. I think a lot of that has to do with Kingpin and his idea that he can do anything he wants, and the world is his oyster.
Eve and Kingpin have a secret that they are keeping to protect their partners, or in Eve’s case, ex-partner. Their worlds are about to combust though when Kingpin finds her working at a small diner on Christmas day. He brings her back to the compound and keeps her hidden away and stays away from her, although it’s a fight to do.
I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all of the RBMC books I’ve read, even with the dysfunction. That’s what makes this chapter unique, just like the others. I love reading them and I look forward to more in the 5th run.

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