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About Isolate

She was the girl next door.

Then she broke my heart.

When she fell for my best friend instead of me.

Unwilling to come between them, I left LA. Found sanctuary in New Orleans with a brotherhood who calmed my storm.

She should have been safe.

She was his to protect.

The problem is—she should have been mine.

And now his mistakes have come back on her.

So when she shows up at the gates of the clubhouse seeking my help, how can I turn her away?

Especially when the trouble is caused by the man we both trusted.

My feelings haven’t changed, only intensified, the tension between us thick.

He deceived us both. So can I now betray him and act on my feelings?

From USA Today Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes the eagerly awaited second book in the NOLA Defiance MC Series.

This book can be read as a standalone.

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Meet K E Osborn

With a flair for all things creative, USA Today Bestselling Author K E Osborn, is drawn to the written word. Exciting worlds and characters flow through her veins, coming to life on the page as she laughs, cries, and becomes enveloped in the storyline right along with you. She’s entirely at home when writing sassy heroines and alpha males that rise from the ashes of their pasts.

K E Osborn comforts herself with tea and Netflix, after all, who doesn’t love a good binge?

Explosive. Addictive. Romance. www.keosbornauthor.com

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

He had a new chapter in life to begin away from his home, his family, and the one woman that he could never have. City had to leave LA because he could no longer watch Izzy and Dice together. They were both is best friends, but when Izzy chose Dice over City, he knew he had to leave, or he would end up dying of a broken heart. Luckily, the NOLA chapter needed a VP, and since he was good friends with Hurricane, it was an easy decision to leave LA and go to New Orleans. Too bad his best friends didn’t agree with him.

Izzy’s life is in danger because Dice can’t quit gambling and getting into trouble with a local loan shark. Too bad Dice’s luck has turned for the bad, now he can’t seem to get the money to pay back the loan shark, putting the one woman that he loves in danger. When Izzy has to leave LA or die, she chooses to go to NOLA, so that her best friend since childhood can protect her.

I really liked this book, there is drama, danger, tragedy, and great characters that always leave me wanting the next story right away. Izzy and City will face a lot in this book, but the love they share will help them through it. The Defiance MC has a lot of great characters and Isolate was no different. Sometimes we need a different take on our lives to see what is in front of us and what could be when we step back and view our life differently. Izzy and City have known each other for years, yet they never got past the best friend’s zone, well, Izzy didn’t until it was almost too late. I loved the book, the characters, and the NOLA chapter. I can’t wait for Bayou and Novah’s story. I give this story a 5-star review.

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